Save Our Happy Place is a climate action newsletter helping to answer the question:

“What can I actually do about climate change?”

SOHP is dedicated to making it easy for you to help protect the places you love from climate change, written by Lindsay Nunez. Subscribe for simple yet effective climate actions, and sustainable + eco-friendly lifestyle tips.

What People Are Saying

“Save our Happy Place, is a thoughtful and elegant newsletter,  for a wide variety of climate actions of this kind. With an emphasis on political action, Buddy and I think it’s one of the few sites that focus on truly useful actions.”

David Stookey
Author of “Climate-Proof Your Personal Finances

“This is amazing! Exactly what I've been needing! Your emails bring me so much joy, passion, excitement, and motivation. Your New Orleans email blew my mind with how much valuable info was in it.”

— Katie Zuber
Membership for Hawaii Farmers Union United

“This is an approachable ‘how we can save the Earth because your small actions matter’ newsletter that I’m over the moon about. Sign up + share about it because her writing is amazing and it’s not boring, so- let’s do this!

— Larua White
Founder of Soul Addict

“The taking action part is inspiring. This is an example of a fighting newsletter.”

— Adetokunbo Abiola
Adetokunbo Sees

About Me

I’m Lindsay Nunez, Climate Writer, Activist, and Founder of Save Our Happy Place.

I’m an environmental and climate activist living in New York City with the POV that consistent sustainable activism comes from a place of hope, optimism, and gratitude for the planet we live on.

I was born and raised in New Orleans where my love for nature and sustainability began. I spent my free time enjoying the great outdoors and getting to intimately know the local flora and fauna with my mother who is a retired biology teacher.

While NYC might not seem like a haven for nature lovers, it has fast-tracked my progression into activism. The passion, resources, community, and accessibility in NYC cannot be beaten. Pre-Pandemic during my lunch breaks, I’d walk across midtown to whichever protests were igniting in front of the BlackRock, NY Times, UN, or Citi Bank Buildings.

After helping Earth Week NYC 2020 transition from an in-person protest to a completely online endeavor, I became enamored with the tools, accessibility, and reach digital activism can have - Thus the creation of Save Our Happy Place.

The scale and reach needed to save our planet are massive, so I know finding a place within the climate movement that resonates with you can be challenging. We try to create an inclusive and approachable environment that lends itself to growing the climate movement by bringing on people that might otherwise have found activism out of reach.

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A newsletter helping to answer the question "What can I actually do about climate change?" Simple & effective climate actions, sustainability, and eco-friendly lifestyle tips.


Lindsay Nunez

I'm a climate and environmental activist.